Monday, February 25, 2013

More murals, art class, etc.

Students working on a mural of Ghana.

A mural of Africa.

Finished mural of the regions of Ghana.

This is David, drawing my bicycle.  I love this class, Primary 4---they are enthusiastic about everything and make teaching fun.  

This is a drawing of a truck made by one of my mentally disabled students, Moilom.  She is amazing, and has fabulous color sense, and patience beyond any of her fellow students.

This is my bicycle, also draw by Moilom.  I plan to have her draw something for me every day until I leave.

This is Moilom, working on the bicycle.  

Primary 4

This is another great artist, Mohammed Bawa, who made an excellent truck collage, and who also has drawn me a number of portraits of myself, looking quite 'mad scientist', with hair standing straight up on my head (which is often the case here with the heat).

Since the school is right on the main road to Bolga and Burkina Faso, we see a lot of trucks, so I wanted the students to draw them.

Last term I took photos of all the JHS students, and this term they gridded and enlarged the photos, and then painted them.  This is Sheeda and Anass from JHS 1.

This is a relief construction the JHS students are making.

This is Evelyn---she's about to graduate from JHS.  A very quiet, talented girl.  

This is my counterpart, Rosarius.  He teaches Primary 5.


The sad part about my job is seeing things like this being taught to third graders and not being able to say anything.  These same students have never heard of dinosaurs, space travel, evolution, and most elements of natural history.  There's nothing wrong with teaching students that there is a storybook called the bible full of morality tales, as long as you also teach them that science has challenged much of the content of the bible, and that the world is extremely old, and that we descended from apes, etc.  However, I much prefer Frodo Baggins to Jesus Christ as required reading---so much more interesting.  

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  1. Hello Great Kate,
    The murals are wonderful! Special truck drawings and collages!
    You continue to help these artists blossom.
    Hope you and Paa Huni are healthy and strong.
    What may I do to help you?